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Tips to save on auto home insurance

Update your information:
Insurance is very important fact of our life and so are the claims. It is very update that your broker get updates for any material changes e.g. new driver, use of vehicle, business use of vehicle or residence etc. In short, any material change should be discussed with your broker so he or she can update the insurer accordingly. These days insurance underwriting is very sophisticated and this will not only help in proper settlement of claim but also may result in reduced insurance rates depending upon the situation.
Multi vehicle Discount:
Insurers give as high as 20% multi vehicle discounts so insure all your vehicles with same insurer and broker.
Multi Policy Discount:
Insurers give upto 15 % discounts if you have your auto & home policy with same insurer and some of them will also waive 3% finance charge that you get charged for paying monthly premiums.For more information Contact: Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd. p-905-796-7600 f-905-796-9700 email-

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