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Does your Insurance cover you in disastrous weather?

The weather has been unpredictable and severe due to climate change. Notably, there have been more instances of flooding, heat waves and an increase in wildfires in Canada. How can you make sure you are protected against some of these major catastrophic events? It all starts with talking to you broker and getting the right coverage before you need it. You really do have to plan for the worst and that is what Insurance really is. It gives you the peace of mind and helps you prepare for the worst. Therefore, it’s essential that you’re prepared and have the right coverage in place before disaster strikes. It is important to review your policy, ask your broker and make sure it covers as many perils as possible and that limits make sense. It’s also important to remember that during these extreme weathers, some insurance companies put a hold on new coverages, therefore, your brokers may not be able to get you a new policy or update your existing policy. The best way to ensure that you are protected is to have the right coverage before the disaster strikes. It’s also important to check if you need additional coverage. Some damages are automatically covered, however, some aren’t automatically covered but are becoming more common such as damage caused by water overflowing or sewer backups in cases of severe rain. Again, it’s important to ask your broker if you have the correct coverages. If you have questions regarding your policy or if you are thinking about getting a new policy, please contact Aaxel Insurance for all your Insurance needs. Our brokers will provide you with the correct Insurance coverage to make sure you are covered in the worst situations.

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