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Important steps you can take to help prevent wildfires

In the past few years, there have been a lot more wildfires than ever recorded. Due to climate change, there are more dry seasons and hence more wildfires and many of them occur naturally. However, some of them are caused by people. Listed below are some tips that can help you prevent these wildfires.

  • Read the local signs, laws and news carefully. If you are not allowed to light a fire according to the authorities, please obey the rules. A lot of communities and forested areas post fire danger signs to let visitors know when it’s safe or not to light a fire. Local authorities will fine people if they catch you disobeying the law.
  • Keep flammable things away from things like candles and lighters. It’s important that the candles cannot be knocked over so placing them in a sturdy place somewhere alone is important.
  • If you smoke, make sure to properly put out cigarette butts in water. Also, make sure to put out the cigarette butt away from materials such trees and dry leaves. When you’re finished, it’s important to make sure to fully extinguish it. Make sure to never throw a cigarette butt from the window of you’re driving through a forested area.
  • It’s important to realize that when you are doing fireworks, never set them off during a fire ban or in an area with dry or flammable materials around. If you are in an area which allows you to set fireworks, make sure the space is open and clear from dry forested areas. Make sure to have the right extinguishers in the close to you in-case something happens.
  • When the weather is hot and dry, avoid driving motor vehicles such as jeeps and ATVs. They release a large amount of heat and can cause a spark in wildfire. In this case, it’s important to stick to road or gravel to be safe.
  • Don’t burn your yard waste but consider taking composting it instead. Burning yard or waste increases the chance of fire. If you must burn it, then please follow the local rules and guidelines for complete safety.
  • If you are planning on going camping and having a campfire, there are a few tips you must keep in mind.
    • Pick a spot that’s close to a water source, away from buildings or tents and also sheltered from wind.
    • Keep the fire small so it’s easy to control
    • Do not leave it unattended
    • Take the necessary precautions, make sure to have water, shovel and sand near you to put out the fire if needed.
    • Once finished, make sure to put a lot of water and some sand over it.

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