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How to prevent and be prepared for a house fire

Preventing home fires Let’s review the leading causes of house fires and the easy steps you can take to prevent them.
  1. Cooking
Cooking is the number one cause of house fires. You should always keep an eye on the stove/ Oven when there in use. You should also use always use a timer so you burn your food. Here’s a few things to keep in mind
  • Don’t fill pots and pans to the top
  • Keep your Cooking area clean of Grease
  • Keep your Barbecue our side of your house
  1. Smoking
Most fires caused by smoking start in the bedroom or living room. To prevent a smoking-related fire at home, only smoke outdoors and follow these tips
  • Throw the cigarette butts with sand or water to make sure they are properly extinguished.
  • Never put cigarettes out in flower pots or throw butts on the grass or in the garden.
  • Store matches and lighters safely out of reach.
  • If you use an e-cigarette, stay close by while it’s charging.
  1. Heating and open flames
  • Candles are the major cause of residential fires every year. Keep candles 12 inches away from anything that could catch fire, especially fabrics.
  • Ask a professional to clean and inspect your chimney at least once a year.
  1. Electricity
  • Treat electric heaters—baseboards and portable space heaters—like any other heat source: leave at least three feet of space between the heater and anything flammable.
  • Don’t overload your outlets. If you need extension cords, ensure that they don’t run across the room or under carpets.
  • Check the wattage on your light fixtures and use the appropriate light bulbs.

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