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Why choosing the right tenant insurance is important?

Landlords insurance will usually cover the walls and any appliances it came with but it will not cover tenant’s personal belongings. Therefore, it’s important for a tenant to have correct coverage in case something happens. Listed below are some points to consider when picking the right coverage.

Do you need a sewer backup and overland water coverage? If yes, how much?

A sewer backup happens when normal flow of wastewater is blocked from your house to the city’s sanitary sewer. Due to climate change, flooding is more common than you might think and so are the sewer backups. Sewer backups are not usually covered by basic tenant Insurance policies. If your belongings are damaged by the sewer backup, the regular personal property coverages won’t apply. Therefore, it’s beneficial to get the sewer backup coverage. If you decide to add the sewer backup coverage, it’s recommended that you go with the full limit that’s available.

Personal Property and Third Party Liability Coverage

Personal property coverage covers your personal belongings in case something happens to your rented property. When choosing the property coverage, it’s important to figure out how much are your personal belongings worth. You might have some items that might be worth a lot more and you might need to get special coverages for them. Once you have figured out the worth of all your belongings, then it’s important to talk to your brokers about getting this insured. Getting tenant insurance covers more than the personal belongings. In case anyone gets injured on your property, the third party liability insurance will cover lawsuit settlements up until $1 million dollars. It might be worth considering a higher limit in case you have something that will cause injury to people in your dwelling. If you are thinking or renting a place, you can contact one of our brokers to make sure you get the right coverage for yourself.

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