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For any business to accomplish success and sustain its profitability, it is essential to have in its team an independent, knowledgeable, and dedicated, commercial insurance broker in Ontario with access to multiple insurance companies.

At Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd., we are independent insurance brokers contracted with over two dozen national as well as international commercial insurance companies, all of which are financially sound and are dedicated to providing our esteemed clientele with best-in-class service.

We specialize in business insurance, with our entire in-house team of commercial insurance brokers in Ontario being exceptionally knowledgeable and equally competent. In addition, we routinely organize commercial insurance training for all of our brokers so that they continue to provide you with the best possible service. At Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd., we have ample resources allocated to our commercial insurance department, allowing our business insurance products to outshine the ones offered by the competition.

As one of the most preferred and trusted, commercial insurance brokers in Ontario, we offer a diverse gamut of business overages including though not limited to automobile, cargo, commercial general liability (CGL), commercial property, crime Coverage, boiler and machinery (equipment breakdown), business interruption, professional liability (E&O), directors and officers liability (D&O), etc.

In addition to the astounding variety of services we are known to provide, we also serve all industries, including though are not limited to manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, hospitality, contractors, realty, transportation, information technology, garages, retail and services, etc.

Feel free to contact any of our commercial insurance brokers in Ontario at 866-358-2860 or reach out to us at info@aaxelinsurance.com.

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