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Apps that help you reach your destination safely and avoid distractions

Technology has come a long way and there are a lot of apps that can help you get to your destination safely. Cars have built in tools such as back-up cameras and blind spot monitoring can reduce the risk of accident. There are also different apps that can help you get to your destination safely and also avoid traffic. If you get a chance, start using these apps to help you get to your destination on time.

Getting to your destination

When you are travelling to a new area or going through an unfamiliar area, it’s common to get derailed or take the wrong exit. This can make the driver nervous and increases the risk of accidents. Apps like Google Maps and Waze have a very good navigation system that help drivers steer away from traffic and obstacles and providing the fastest possible route. It’s important to set your route before you hit the road as driving while being distracted can increase the risk of accidents.

Getting rid of distractions

Driving while distracted increases the chance of accidents by a huge amount. It’s needless to say that your cell phone is a huge piece of distraction. However, there are apps that can help you be less distracted while driving. Apps such as DriveSafe and LifeSaver can prevent you from being distracted and disable your phone functions.

Finding Parking

There are several apps that can help you find cheap parking around the city. These apps offer a lot of beneficial features such as accepting credit card, finding nearby parking, notify you if your payment expires and more. Each app offers something different so it’s important to pick the one that works for you best. Some examples of these apps include Parking, BestParking, ParkMe Parking and PayByPhone.

Finding Fuel

Navigation apps allow you to add in a stop when you are diving towards your destination. However, there are specific apps that help you find a gas station. Apps like GasBuddy allow you to puck gas prices before you hit the gas station. You can also calculate the average gas needed for a trip so you can divide up the cost evenly between your peers.

Despite all the technology, accidents do happen and that’s where your insurance comes in. Contact any of our brokers if you have been in accident or if you are looking for a new car insurance.

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