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Accident Protection Coverage

Auto accidents do happen and it can happen with anyone regardless of one’s driving experience, cautiousness and age. Accidents are truly hard to predict and they can happen in a second.We offer Accident Protection coverage.

When an at fault loss happens it disrupts your driving record. After an at-fault loss your driving record is zero regardless of your driving experience unless you have coverage to protect you against disrupting your driving record after an at fault loss.

Key Features and benefits are or can be:

  • While insured with same insurer, your premium will not change after first loss for which you are found partially or fully responsible. You can continue to drive worry-free.
  • Most drivers with reasonable record can be protected.
  • Some of our insurers extend coverage to any driver on your vehicle who are over the age of 25 and have at least six years of experience.
  • For some insurers after the 2nd accident driving record will change but still may not go to Zero hence it helps client protection against premium increases.

Many insurers, many options calls us worry free at 905-362-8080 and speak to one of our licensed brokers.

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