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Group Home and Auto Insurance Program for emergiTEL Employees

The voluntary group home and auto insurance in Ontario is available to all the employees of emergiTEL, their spouses, and dependent children residing at home or away from school. We advise you to communicate the availability of the said program to your associates.

How to Obtain a Quote

Please call any of our registered brokers at least a fortnight before your renewal date.

Phone: 647-558-6401


  1. What is a home and auto insurance program?

It is voluntary insurance coverage for homes and vehicles owned by employees of emergiTEL.

  1. Who is the insurer?

The said insurance program is underwritten by Economical Select Insurance, which was formerly known as the Waterloo Insurance Company, and now is a part of the esteemed Economical Insurance Group Ltd., a full-fledged Canadian insurer. Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd. is the broker of record of this program.

  1. Who will be my broker?

Aaxel Insurance brokers Ltd. is the broker of record. Visit to know more about us.

  1. How much cost savings can an insured individual expect?

It depends on the various underwriting factors, including your postal code, driving history, and the vehicles you drive, to name a few. One may expect savings of up to fifty percent.

  1. If my present policy is still in force, should I cancel it to buy a new one?

Although it is never advisable to cancel your policy mid-term, individual circumstances may differ. Please do not hesitate to discuss the matter with any of our licensed brokers at your convenience.

  1. What are the other major benefits of buying auto and home insurance through this program?
  • The program is voluntary for all the employees of emergiTEL
  • Since you are doing business with an independent insurance broker, there will be significant savings
  • Endorsement for a second medical opinion is added to each of your property policies at no cost. If you buy a home, condominium, or tenant’s policy through this program you will be covered for an additional medical opinion.
  • There is simply zero cost to pay for the monthly premium as opposed to a whopping three percent charged by most insurance companies
  1. What is the potential liability or cost to the employer?

There is simply no direct or indirect cost to your employer. Qualified employees may directly call an authorized broker for purchasing the group home and auto insurance in Ontario as they do now. However, as long as you work for a company that offers this particular program, the net effective price of your premium will be reduced. Furthermore, it is a voluntary program for employees, and hence, no liability whatsoever.

  1. What is the role of emergiTEL?

It has no role in this program other than offering a voluntary group home and auto insurance in Ontario for its employees.

  1. Who will be accountable for addressing service-related requirements or answering any queries?

All questions need to be directed to Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd. However, we cannot discuss your policy with your employer.

  1. What does one need to keep in mind when calling for a quote?

The prospect must identify himself or herself as an employee of emergiTEL.

  1. Is the premium rate quoted by you for is guaranteed?

In general, whilst most of our beneficiaries end up saving a considerable amount of their hard-earned money, it depends on your record and the price we quote is based on the information provided or assessed. Unless some information is misread or missed by the broker, your quoted price for the insurance premium will remain unchanged.

  1. How many premiums should one expect to pay for?

In the best-case scenario, there should be twelve, but it can also be as little as ten payments. Once you receive your policy documents, make sure to read them carefully, and you are always welcome to contact your insurance broker for any queries that you may have. However, the net payable premium should remain the same.

Please note that this is a voluntary program offered on behalf of emergiTEL.

Call 855-380-3666 now for more information.

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