Are You Looking for Group Home and Auto Insurance in Ontario

Canadian Hardware and Housewares Manufacturers Association CHHMA

 Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd. and CHHMA are pleased to offer the following insurance programs for its members and their employees:

  • Group home and auto insurance in Ontario
  • Commercial insurance program

The group program is underwritten by Economical Select Insurance, a subsidiary of the prestigious Economical Insurance Group Ltd., a wholly-owned Canadian company.

To receive an instant quote, please contact our sales staff at any of the following numbers as applicable:

  • Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  • Ontario: 866-358-2860
  • Economical Select Insurance/Waterloo Insurance Company
  • Quebec: 888-542-4811
  • Rest of Canada: 866-247-7700
The program is available to all the employees of CHHMA member companies, their spouses, and dependent children residing at home or away from school.

Obtain a Quote

We recommend that member companies must ensure their employees are duly intimated about the availability of the said program.

Please note this program is offered on behalf of the association to all employees and in no way it may hold member companies responsible for the administration of the program.

The key advantages of the program include, though are not limited to the following:

  • Savings of up to thirty percent and over on your premiums for home and auto insurance in Ontario
  • No service or interest charges for monthly payment plans
  • Accident waiver
  • No charges for minor felonies
  • Age discounts of up to twenty percent
  • No-conviction discounts of up to fifteen percent
  • Multi-policy discount of ten percent
  • Multi-vehicle discount of twenty percent
  • Retiree discount of fifteen percent
  • Discounts for burglary warning and fire alarm systems of up to twenty-five percent
  • No-mortgage discount of twenty percent
  • Newer home discounts of up to thirty-five percent
  • No-Claims discount of up to twenty-five percent
  • Student discount of ten percent

If you have any questions or concerns about the insurance programs or if you are interested in procuring some communication materials for displaying in lunchrooms and putting up on bulletin boards for your employees, please contact:

Paul Mann: 905-362-8080 ext. 301

Toll-Free: 866-358-2860

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