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7 reasons drivers shouldn’t wait to buy winter tires

There’s an old saying that says, in life, nothing’s sure but death and taxes. Well, in Canada, there’s one other certainty to add to the list: winter’s coming, whether you’re ready or not. That means driving in snow, sleet, hail, freezing rain and slush. Being extra careful and choosing travel times wisely are part of the equation. The other part is winter tires. In fact, it takes all three to add up to safe winter driving. Many drivers think that winter tires are only for the country where the roads are snowy. The truth is that city drivers need winter tires too, even if urban roads are regularly cleared. 7 reasons winter tires make safety sense:
  1. It may seem obvious, but winter tires are made for winter. The rubber used to make winter tires is designed to stay soft in cold conditions. That means better traction and braking.
  2. Treads and sipes matter. Winter tire treads bite into the snow, while the small slits (called sipes) flex and expand to dissolve ice and ice.
  3. Winter tires are slimmer than other models in order to slice through snow and to reduce hydroplaning (when the water between tires and the road surface eliminates friction, possibly causing a skid or loss of control).
  4. Winter tires stick to glare (black) ice.
  5. Winter tires help cars stop. A good set of winter tires can take 30 feet or more from stopping distance in snow.
  6. Even on dry, cold roads, winter tires work better than the alternatives, for better handling.
  7. Some insurers offer a discount on your auto insurance if you use winter tires.
Winter tires should be installed by the time temperatures are expected to be 7o C or below. That means drivers can’t wait – winter in Canada doesn’t wait for drivers. Not all winter tires have snowflake and mountain symbols, but the tires that do provide the best possible protection. Did you say discount? Most insurance companies offer discounts that vary from 3% to 10% on private passenger automobiles (not recreational vehicles) with 4 winter tires installed before December 1 and used until March 30. ​ For more info contact us Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd. 905-362-8080

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